A person who corresponds to the defined target group and is interested in the desired topic: e.g. "travel" or "cars" or "design" and is located in the defined target region, e.g. Berlin or Switzerland or the USA, leisurely reads an online magazine or a daily newspaper online.

Within milliseconds, free banner advertising spaces are sold in the background by the publisher of the online newspaper to the highest bidder via an automated auction (real-time bidding, RTB). EASY DIGITAL MARKETING uses data and algorithms to check these bids and, if they match the target group + destination + topic, to buy the advertising space at the best possible auction and, if the deal is successful, to deliver the banner to the desired target person via the online newspaper. And all within milliseconds.


"At Travelzone, we take your sense of adventure to a new level with heliskiing and golf trips! Our loyal regular customers, who know the adrenaline and exclusivity of such trips, don't treat themselves to these special moments all the time - we understand that. Therefore, we are always looking for new, enthusiastic adventurers! Even though our target group is spread all over the German-speaking world, we find them! Instead of the conventional advertising clutter, we rely on pinpoint online marketing. With Easy Digital Marketing and SEA, we conjure up impressive results even on a tight budget. For those who are ready to step up their game, I highly recommend Easy Digital Marketing!" - Kenny Prevost, the man behind the ultimate travel experiences at Travelzone.
new leads with purchasing power
efficient re-marketing
constantly increasing turnover
+154% Website visits
+167% new website users
+400% booking enquiries
54% engagement rate

Easy Digital Marketing

Programmatic digital advertising
100% transparency 70% visibility 0% spread loss

Because we love the story of David vs. Goliath, we have developed this revolutionary Programmatic Advertising software solution for everyone.

EASY DIGITAL MARKETING is revolutionary because it combines all the work processes of a media agency as well as fully automated interfaces to all programmatic and real-time bidding systems - only media professionals have access to them - in a single software. And now every company can realise professional online advertising, easily and affordably.

EASY DIGITAL MARKETING is based on 15 years of professional media and ad operations know-how. Our standards have convinced even the best media professionals and our clients are impressed by the results.

premium publisher & top placements 
70% visibility guaranteed
100% transparency incl. publisher list
local, regional, national, global
CI/CD compliant, custom HTML5
Brand-safe: Whitelist, Blacklist, DoubleVerify
no costs for AdOps & Ad-Serving
Click Tracking, UTM Extension
EASY DIGITAL MARKETING provides access to premium placements on premium websites: regional, national, worldwide.

Easy is the key

With EASY DIGITAL MARKETING, a local, regional or national Programmatic campaign can be created in just a few minutes.
  • Create new campaign
  • Set campaign goal: Awareness or performance
  • Define target group: Gender, age, language, location, interests
  • Set budget and campaign period
  • Select banner template: Enter text, upload photo/video
  • Enter link to target page
  • Check banner in preview and start campaign

HTML5 banner included

This saves money. For smaller advertisers, even 1 HTML5 banner is a financial feat, while larger advertisers produce several hundred per year, which means an immense time and financial effort. We have the perfect solution for both. Smaller advertisers use our free templates and customize them directly in EASY DIGITAL MARKETING. Larger advertisers deposit their own CI/CD-compliant templates once, which can be selected for new campaigns and individually adapted at any time without technical know-how and effort.


One of the many benefits of our software solution is the so-called whitelist. The client defines one or more lists of websites (publishers) on which the banners must appear. These lists can be individually assigned to the respective campaigns in the settings. The whitelist is mainly used for brand awareness campaigns, as the quality of the publishers should ensure a positive image transfer.


EASY DIGITAL MARKETING guarantees 70% visibility (IAB standard is 50%) and 100% transparency in reporting down to publisher level - that is unique. In the dashboard you can see the development of your campaign live: In which region were the banners displayed and clicked on how often on which websites? And how much remaining budget is still available. In the background, the algorithms automatically optimize the campaign up to 150 times per minute during the entire runtime.

1 Price - all inclusive

Fairness and transparency are our top priority. There are no further fees - unless you would like to have your own banner templates programmed (only available in the Advanced Package), these cost CHF/EUR 1500 once. The minimum booking period is 3 months and the recommended minimum budget per campaign is CHF/EUR 500 per month to achieve a relevant share-of-voice.


Do you have any questions or need our support?

Write to us, we will take care of it immediately.
Phone number (+41) 76 522 01 58
E-Mail Adresse [email protected]

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions:

EDM is a software solution for Programmatic Buying with Google Display & Video 360. The solution enables access to premium websites worldwide. Depending on the target group and targeting, your banner ads will be displayed on millions of websites such as,,,,, etc.
Display & Video 360 is a stand-alone integrated tool from Google and combines millions of websites into a single system.
Unlike Facebook and Google Ads, Google Display & Video 360 has a large financial barrier to entry, with a minimum volume of around CHF 50,000 per year.
Anyone (agencies, creative agencies, small and large companies) who wants to implement banner (programmatic) campaigns.
You can buy one of our products and implement as many campaigns as you like in EDM. The costs are CPM-based (CPM = thousand-contact price). The CPM (CPM) is CHF 25 (plus VAT) or EUR 25. You will be invoiced based on your client's headquarters.
EDM guarantees 70% visibility of your ads. This means that your banners are displayed on millions of websites for 70% of the time in the visible area on the web and in the app.
  • Awareness: Your banners are displayed to the same user a maximum of 8 times per campaign duration (Frequency Capping 8). The campaign is optimised for reach.
  • Performance: Your banners are shown to the same user as often as possible so that they visit your website. The campaign is optimised for click maximisation (traffic generation).
You can define your campaign budget for a certain period of time. For example, from 01.01. to 28.02.22. This means that your budget is divided evenly between the individual days. The effective budget spent per day can vary between +/-10% per day.
Category is comparable to topics or industries or activities.Example:
  • You want to sell sports shoes. You can choose "sport shoes" as a category.
  • You want to sell a car. You can select "car" as the category.
● You want to generate hotel bookings. You can select "travel" as the category.
You can choose one template per campaign and customise the following components:
  • Title: Here you can add a maximum of 30 characters as a title.
  • Description: Here you can add a maximum of 90 characters as a description.
  • Logo: You can upload your logo. Pay attention to the proportion in the preview
  • Images: You can upload your product images or service photos.
  • Design changes: You can change the colour of the background and the button.
EDM uses Google Display & Video 360 as an inventory source. EDM simplifies the complete campaign management and gives access to premium advertising space.
You don't need expertise in Programmatic Buying or programming skills for HTML5 banner creation. Within 10 to 15 minutes you can implement your campaigns globally, nationally, regionally or locally.
Targeting refers to the precise addressing of target groups in digital marketing. Here are the most important targeting options:
  • Language
  • Category (topics)
  • Geography
  • Demographics
  • EDM Starter = minimum volume: CHF 500 per month, minimum duration: 3 months. The client should use his subscription within 3 months. Standard HTML5 banner without video.
  • EDM Growth = Minimum volume: CHF 1,500 per month, minimum duration: 3 months. The customer should use his subscription within 3 months. Standard HTML5 banner without or with video.
  • EDM Advanced = Minimum volume: CHF 4,500 per month, minimum duration: 3 months. The customer should use his subscription within 3 months. Standard HTML5 banner without or with video. 4 Custom HTML5 banners by EDM according to your template
We offer the following formats as default (basic formats):
  • 994 x 250
  • 300 x 600
  • 160 x 600
  • 300 x 250
  • 728 x 90
Your ads will be delivered both in Aps and on the web, depending on the targeting selected (language, category (topics), geography, demographics). Example: If you advertise in Switzerland, your ads will also be displayed on 20,,,,, etc.
Impressions are the number of times your banner ad is displayed on a website. One insertion corresponds to one impression. Clicks refer to the click on the advertising banner (ad).
The system supports all major languages in the world. You can activate one language as targeting per campaign.
Here you can select the age group and gender of your target group.